And regarding love…

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And regarding love 🙂

I’m not sure that love is something you find.  It comes and goes, emerges as things unfold in front of you.  If love is compassion, then yes, it is always there.  And there are days when you see the total loss of love, and that makes you want to cry out, and perhaps reevaluate the conditions that make us all want to avoid losing that moment when we realize we are capable of it.

It is exceptional to love and be loved, it is extraordinary to be-in-it, and it is a rare find to bottle it- because it isn’t something easily found, and clings when circumstances suggest it shouldn’t, yet begs to us all to believe it is possible.

It doesn’t disappear or evaporate- it becomes an imprint on the soul- not to be ignored or wiped away.  It always remains.


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