The Last Long Weekend …

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Thursday:  July 21

  • Today is LaserTag Thursday (finally).
  • Off to The Main Event !

  • We decided against Laser Tag– went for Glow-in-the-dark miniature golf…

  • Some of the geographical features…

  • The obligatory alien dude…

  • Then off to some Air Guitar-

  • Looking like Some Girl Band-

  • And then the Apollo 13 Mission Training thingy …

  • Of course the “Grainy” Armageddon” style video reception to Houston Control…

  • Launch is a GO !

  • “Houston… We Have a Problem”

  • A Video of the Flight …
  • A beautiful shot of the girls …

Off To Go Bowling…

  • The Alley is Lit Up…

  • It’s “Team Gutter”  vs. “Team Muffin
  • Hannah is on “Team Gutter

  • Team Gutter” in action “The Twinkle Toe” toss…
  • Hannah Overcoming the “Gutter”:  Trying to master the “Twinkle Toe” style…
  • Sigh …  “Team Gutter” lives up to the name…

Friday:  July 21

  • Today is: the day before- the day before- the day before- the girls have to leave..
  • Dad getting ready for trip to the Palo Duro Canyon Trip

  • Maria & Hannah go swimming…

(they are up to something- but I can’t tell what it is- definitely some scheming going on…)

  • Dad & Kashmir go to Stella’s for a Romantic Dinner…

A surprise Birthday Party !

  • Dad comes home and the girls spray him with silly string…

  • Great ice cream cake

  • A metaphor for “Hopes & Dreams

  • Kash, Dad, Maria & Hannah- We Each Made a Wish …

Saturday:  July 23

  • Today is: the day before- the day before- the girls have to leave..
  • Dad REELY getting ready for the Palo Duro Canyon Trip

  • The Arrival to Palo Duro Canyon

  • Awesome stuff-

  • Reminds me of “Titanic” (on the bow)

  • Kash gets a shot of Maria & Dad…

  • They are Flying …

  • On the Edge

  • The Horse Ride pre-fashion show…

  • In the Saddle…

  • Joining the Posse…

  • Some Scenary

  • POV (Point Of View)

  • It’s a “Dry Heat” …

  • Killer Scenery …

  • How do they Live?

  • Lone Rider …

  • Coming in from the Ride

  • Tuff Stuff…

  • Wrapping it up…

  • Denial

  • We share the genes but not the shoes…

  • A beautiful stallion looks on…

  • Off to the Show…

And it’s time to Say Goodbye 🙂

And They Rode off Into the Sunset …


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22 thoughts on “The Last Long Weekend …

  1. oh my gosh, this is so cool dad. Heres me finally comming to your blog. hehehee. love you, see you on Monday

  2. Pingback: A West Texas Summer | Unwritten Feathers

  3. I’ve loved reading about your staycation with Maria and Hannah Teut- never a dull moment, eh?
    Hope you all have time for just chillin’ before the girls have to go back!

  4. Very cute blog — I hope Maria and Hannah enjoy the rest of their stay – sounds like they are having a great time!

    Have a great weekend with all the girls and the very cute dogs!

  5. You girls have really turned out to be fine young ladies! I am soooo proud!! Also, thanks for taking such good
    Care of Hannah my absence!!

    • Yeah they really have grown They are like “peas and carrots” filling in for each other when they need to-


  6. Wow girls, this is great! Best post from your Dad yet! I hope that your vacation is great until the day you leave!


  7. Hi girls, my youngest daughter was born in San Antonio, Texas. She is 16, and is going into her senior year of high school. I don’t think she remembers Texas, BUT she does know the “hook ’em horns!” hand sign. Have FUN staying with your dad, swim lots and get a nice tan.

    Great Job on the blogging, BTW. I have a sneaking suspicion you already have Facebook profiles, and could teach your dad a few things!

  8. Enjoyed reading your blog! Hope you continue it after your vacation. It would be fun to follow you both on your adventures and your thoughts about politics and such in the future.


  9. Hey Girls,

    GREAT job so far. Oh to be young again. Enjoy this time you have and congratulations on embarking on a new adventure.

  10. What a great read. You made me feel like I was right there! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time- even with some of the little glitches. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Well, now I’m tired from waking up at 9 every morning, and overstuffed from all that good food!
    Enjoy your Texas sunshine, it’s foggy this morning in SoCal.
    Thanks for an interesting look at your world.

  12. What a great project! I agree with Brown Fox: write a short essay — you will find it very interesting to read in 30 yrs, and it will help you form your thoughts. Esp if your readers weigh in with comments! What do you think of the Murdoch scandal? Should President Obama give in to the Repubs and cut spending? (read Krugman in the NYTimes before you answer that one)? If you had $1m to spend,name the forst three things you would do.

    Congratulations on a cool project.

  13. Makes me homesick for all my Texas vacations in McAllen with my sister. [Yes, it’s still possible to vacation in McAllen if you spend most of your time at Padre Island].

    Great diary girls;you’ll have some fun stuff to take back to Detroit.

  14. Hi Maria and Hannah,
    Cool Blog!
    Just a coupla suggestions – 1) Write essays that interest you, rather than a journal! 2) Don’t let the post get too long, break it into nice little posts – some ADHD patients may find long posts not-so-interesting.
    Your Dad is super cool – and an awesome writer! Try and get some serious tips from him about blogging!
    And yes, the drumsticks were mouth-watering!!! 😛

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