A Life Worth Living … (With You)

Is It 8 Years?

Well let’s run from that last one…  It is actually almost 9.

People say that love isn’t that complicated.

But it is.

It is tethered by rules and obligations that souls make to one another on the fly.

It becomes a rocket when a balloon is released.

It is unsolvable.

An equation that melts away from the outcome yet undecided of the human race, but strings it’s hopes on to a claim of the next breath the two of you will take together.

It is compelling.

spaceSo how do you say it?

If I was a man, dying on some foreign planet after my rocket had exploded many million miles from the planet earth, my astro shield had been penetrated, and my right arm had been defeated by galactic asteroid pellets, so therefore I couldn’t reach out and grab my seriously penetrating Astro gun to decimate the very frightening Astrosaurous about to munch on my depleted unsurfaced- non-astro arm- well that would pretty much be the end.

Call me “Bucky”

I suppose in that brief astro-second prior to being relieved of the tenuous labor we call life, some sort of astro-blasts would course through the lest vestiges of what we call euphoric recall, and the vision of you-   Kashmir, would compete with the gut wrenching evisceration of my shoulder (the last defense- attached to the astro gun carrying hand) from it’s socket, rendering me completely defenseless.

As seen through Astro Glasses- In all reality the Creature is a Terrifying Green…

The assumption is, that the array of 10 inch saurian teeth, exhausting the dead flesh of the last kill, are going to meet their implied destination…

Shooting the gun off repeatedly into the soft underbelly of the otherworldly reptile, continues to prove itself as an ineffectual and totally unreliable defense option as was offered up by our minister as a legitimate way to circumvent our marriage vows.

Call Me- Rae…     Billy Rae Gunn …..

But in that momentary recognition of total doom, my last gasp in this 9th year of our marriage would be….  You.

Well- what would distinguish my death from a common death?

It would be my love for you.

It would be your love for me.

Forget the songs, lets get to the teeth- our total indestructible will to be together regardless.

You know how sauce boils over when bringing it to a heat?  It is the stove unwatched.

Well that was every day- is every day we are apart.

It took a lot of miles, and many – so many empty nights to last through some very tough times to get us here.

But we did it 🙂

Simply said- (If you were curious at all),

I love you with all my heart my dearest.


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