A Hot Summer Texas Post

A fresh face for a new beginning. Or so it seems…. The pessimist I am always that, but I seem to get more opportunistic as a vacation hovers, a scent of exuberance flushed to opportunism- a fresh wind to take from those that do not relinquish readily, anything to anyone. A hint of hope and all that squirty enthusiasm pounded out by country western bands at about 2:00 a.m. in the morning. Last call is done and the pickin’s are slim- but meat on the bone in mind- they are still pickin’s to be had.

Waiting for the coming storm, not at 3:30 in the morning either. This is weather I have expected for quite awhile and welcome the chance for a meet and greet.

So a run down on the day. I woke up at 5:00 a.m. wondering about the open heart that was scheduled for sometime later that day. Rolled back to sleep, and dreamed of a summer party at our house, by a gorgeous lake / slash / river, with guests and what not, a lot of potted plants hanging from the ceiling, and all of a sudden, some creepy spiders doing the little Bo Peep thing, squished in front of my friends by me. Kind of like a botanical garden nightmare bug thing.

I actually woke up wondering if I should get up and google “spiders” in the dream dictionary to see what it meant.

Detached myself from some sort of semi-clingy, fear driven, unable to complete this project, “I can’t do this” insecurity dream. It wasn’t sweat driven, not clammy, just the mundane crap people dream about to deal with their own life insecurities. I have a stressful job, so I don’t know if the dreams help a lot, they seem to add some salt to the mystery of why we endure and choose not to quit.

An unconscious salmon dream running up the river to make sure we continue? Maybe.

Anyway I got up. Made a phone call to the O.R. and spoke to a surgical technician (Texan and rough but I like the guy), who let me know that my open heart was canceled (more on all of that later), and hey, that put me about 8 hours closer to a much needed vacation!


and a Soul looks on...

Here is a one paragraph word that says it all…

YO !!!!!

Finally. Chapter 13’d on Wednesday, and a paid 10 day vacation 48 hours later. Take that Countrywide, B of A, and Mr. Trustee person of Lubbock.

Of course between Wednesday and Friday I managed to do 2 open hearts, and one post operative reeoperation for bleeding.

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