Running like there was no Tomorrow…

Laz is cool- not sure about Mutti (TGWB- The great white beast)

Laz is cool- not sure about Mutti (TGWB- The great white beast)

Dog paw it is once again, as I found myself running like there was no tomorrow… Running to the end of the dock. Feet unlaced, and being paced by my newest companion, Lazarus. My new best friend, a lot of fur and hair on this husky-chow mix of a dog freshly rescued from the black hole.

"It's What I Do ....

"It's What I Do ....

This dive was perfect and had to be long and arched high enough to avoid Laz’s jump which at take off was simultaneous, but less like a dolphin- more like an arrow. The lake is always the lake. It has that cool and muddy Michigan taste to it, and on a hot day, seduces you with a chocolate coat of delicious creamy syrup that wraps around your body like slipping your hand into a glove, until it slaps you.

You spit it out, the lake, as your head reemerges, and shake off droplets invading your eyes. A little bit of mud gets through the back of your nose but you rise triumphant like a Roman warrior, back arched, a mist of water splattering the screen as you break through the water line with outstretched arms embracing life and wind.

My Eyes aren't Devil Dawg Yellow ...

My Eyes aren't Devil Dawg Yellow ...

There is a slow motion old time movie quality to what just happened, a grainy sepia brown rerun, of man and companion running side by side to the edge of a cliff that was shared only by those two. The long end of a dock that at noon, blisters the feet. A dreamy, slow, stop and go feeling that people get at the movie theater, right before the main attraction, when they watch a scene that they wish they could remember but they can’t.

It’s usually the type of shaky replay you see when watching videos of someone you loved at 2 in the morning. It means they died, and it’s always jittery.

Call me "Doom"....

Call me "Doom"....

It’s funny when you do that run. Your dog knows. Your dog always knows before you do, that you two are gonna do that run. Almost as if they willed you to, but they always know and tend to get a head start on you. So now it’s catch up time and 30 yards to the end of the dock and pure bliss. Side by side in a world that no one else watching can capture, where the timing is crucial and the effort at take off is the key to a flawless dive or getting a lot of dog paw and scratches on your back as she crosses your line and lands on it when you both hit the water. Well, dog paw it is once again.

That was then and this is now…

She is an old dog- 15.

Pulling Ice out of the Water Bucket....

Before Breakfast: Pulling Ice out of the Water Bucket....

Her name is Laz, she is a rescue dog and lies by my side as I type.

Last night she did a side step. Unlike her. And then she did it again. So unlike her. And then our other pound puppy, Australian shepherd- pit bull mix- could barely walk out of a paper bag, well she knocked Laz over, and then I got worried. A while ago I made an A-frame for that dog. Looked online for pictures of dog houses, and got some ideas. This was the mother of all dog houses and by the time I was done, it looked like Noah’s ark. Sturdy just like her, a condo in the woods, designed to survive Michigan winter snow.

Shang Gri La Babybeee.... :)

Shang Gri La Baybeee.... 🙂

This dog was tough, she survived everything.

A big bolt of brown fur against white snow.

Well,  It's... pretty grainy...

Fearless. More than a few raccoons slipped away to the other side because of her. She was scary thick, and always had an air about her, a wall she built to protect her from whomever sent her to the pound, it was hard for her to get close and trust.

She trusted me. I had her on a leash a long time ago at the lake house, and she got tangled up in the bushes to the point she was choking on her collar. She was so panicked, and I managed to cut her collar off- and she never forgot it. But she doesn’t like anyone messing with her neck since then.

Last night she let me touch her neck- so I know something is so wrong with her.

I slept on the couch through the night (because my 3rd dog- a Kuvasz – can be pretty mean to Laz) and hung out with her. We basically rotate dogs in and out, you do what you have to- to make sure that no one gets hurt.

I think she might have had a stroke, because her head leans to the side. Maybe she is just in the mist- looking for the end of the dock….

"I Miss You..."

"I Miss You - Yo ....."

6 thoughts on “Running like there was no Tomorrow…

  1. @ #55
    Carol.Seattle Says:
    September 5th, 2009 at 9:51 AM

    “Teutonic 13, If you’re not a professional writer, you should be….”

    I have to say that this post was one of necessity and no agenda attached. But I so thank you.

    I really needed you guys. Thank you so much- laz is good- the vet said she had a stroke. I had nowhere to turn at 5:30 a.m. or so in the morning.

    In the real sense- I just had a dog with symptoms I had only a guess as to what the pathology was- not being comfortable with vet med- but at the same time watching you dog fall over on her own- suggests a serious problem.

    So I did what I do- which is write-accompanied by a rat dog (also rescue- and clearly loved) by her side as I typed away. It started as a narrative- and became a plea.

    So thanks for responding to what became – (I don’t know what it became) I guess one has to ask the question of what does it become when you need help and ask for it?

    Well I asked- and you all responded. So thankyou again from my heart.

    I don’t know AKM, but having served as Crisis Center Volunteer (trainer and trainer for trainers-) this was the first place I looked to.

    A very comfortable group of decent minds and hearts.

  2. #
    Carol.Seattle Says:
    September 5th, 2009 at 9:51 AM

    Teutonic 13, If you’re not a professional writer, you should be. Your words evoked a very powerful portrait of Lazarus and your relationship with her. It hurts so much when their time has come and that their time with us has been so short in comparison. May you have solace in that you have given her so much love and care and made her life a good one. God bless.

  3. just wanted to leave my heartfelt hug to you and Laz. Sharing my life with so many dogs throughout the decades (with five current furry companions–all rescues, one of which is 16 years old), I know full well what you are both going through right now.
    It hurts a lot, and the feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming.
    But there are so many memories to be held close and in our hearts, no matter what happens.

  4. Look up canine vestibular syndrome which seems like a stroke which dogs don’t have. My thoughts are with you – BTDT with an old vizsla

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