Clash of the Titans …

So came the day when two Titans Roamed the Earth:

Evil incarnate: AKA  “The Jackal”, AKA “Lizzerd” had laid waste to everything- including the waste itself…  (Hmmm)

Note: The evil looking studded collar....

The Jackal Meets: Elroy

Note: The Totally photo shopped halo-light thing hovering behind him...

The Onslaught is Furious...

Attack of the Jackal !!!

The crows are gathering as the Jackal has the upper hand…

" How do you like me now ? Huh ? "

But Wait !   From the Edge of Despair …

"Dude.. It ain't like YOUR ALL THAT... "

A Gleam of hope, as the Tide Turns in favor of  “The Other White Dog”  …

So, How'se that "Evil-War-Lord Gig" working 4 ya now?

The Worm has Turned …

You can run ...

Fortunes Reverse …

But you can't hide... Mwaa Ha Ha ha Ha ....

The Hunter …

Becomes the Prey ...

Sweep the Leg !!!

Becomes the Prey….

Head shot ?

Or... Take the Trophy Ear ?

So  Once again…     Boyz and Girlz…

Evil is undone …. (Right ?)

" You Buying This ??? "

"Nah... Just look cute 4 the pictures- That'll keep them happy..."

9 thoughts on “Clash of the Titans …

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  2. Thank you- these guys are cute….just having a great time enjoying being dogs and appreciating each others company—-love it–and love all dogs, bless your heart for being a great dog-parent! It does a bodies’ heart good to see your pets play!

  3. Oh, I have never left… checked on your blog frequently… you just had other things to do than post, and far be it from me to bug anyone.
    That said, I do thank you for the above compliments. I consider them my birthday flower-bouquet! Yeah… this old nature lover, this skeptic of anything organised, turned 70, and thus entered her 8th decade on St. Patrick’s Day (of all things). But to know that I was born close enough to the Vernal Equinox make it alright, because I also know I was sired and conceived around the time of the Summer Solstice in the shadow of the “Brocken”, in the Harz Mountains.
    There is a long history attached to that mountain and I cherish being considered a Brocken Hexe… 🙂
    Back to your post:
    Love the pictures, that pup will be the leader of the pack, and not merely because of size! Keep us all posted, and may all of you enjoy being members of the pack!

  4. I checked this out yesterday. I love your pictures and writing, particularly with the new pup. What an absolutely gorgeous animal! I’ve added you to my blog reading list.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I love the interaction between the two white dogs. I want the puppy! Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. … yeah, but that big button nose is real, and so are those sturdy paws!
    May the family have lots of fun!

    • Hi Inge-

      Thanks for dropping by. This guy (Elroy) is a pretty cool dog. Gonna be a huge dog- 100 + .

      I miss your insight and flair for motivating comments. Always the best 🙂


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