The Rough Stuff …


Water is casual as it drips – callous – and suggestive…
It can be rough, flat, but never indifferent…
Salient it is…
Expressionless, remorseless, relentless.

Unable to emote –
A reflection of its environment –

It sucks up color that surrounds it –
Ripples with a transient speculation of direction suggested by the wind –
And remains water- flat- placid- or the rough stuff –

Fish 20040048

It does not compromise –
It knows that it is scary –
I think it likes that power –

Flat waters are so much more lethal
Than a rangy trough of surly waves

Blasting away at the stony reef shores of a beaten shoreline.

Flat waters are a placid mix of yesterday’s tomorrows –
A today that beckons to be more gentle
Than whatever you feared the day before…
A smooth taste of promised bittersweet victories that remain on your road…

But just so ya know… Flat waters will sink ya…
Faster than you can get back to the edge of the water…
It’s all about the rough stuff –

It’s the rough stuff – where you should be –
The rough stuff is where the fisherman lands the mermaid –
Captures the dream…

The rough waters snarl against the tide,
The rough waters suck the black out of grey,
The rough waters – well they are all about swells, eddies, tides, and promises…
The rough waters – make you think –
And weigh your life against all comers – weak or strong…

It’s all about the rough waters –
Faint of heart… NEED NOT APPLY –
All that you can accomplish is in front of you –


The rough waters are where I am –
And I thank God that I am man enough to step forward –
And cast a line…

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