A Lightening Storm for Elroy

In West Texas

It was a hot West Texas night, and the first thunder storm for Elroy…

A dry heat, distant rumblings, a slowly moving something-  heads towards our direction with a light show.  Elroy, the newest pup at 6 months and 60 plus pounds of extension and growing up, is kinda hanging with me through it all.

My Face is a Mop ...

It is late, my other half is looking at me from our bed, like a lioness that has taken a fatal kill shot, but reminding me that she loves me the most- as she starts to fade.  In reality, she has a bad onset of a cold.

So it was to be me and the dog, and I moved it to the shed.

Another occurrence  more likely to reflect the lightening in the title as well as in my life at this very moment, is the sound of a helicopter finding it’s way through the dark as a storm ensues, and of course I raise my ear to wind as all dogs do when a suggestion of calamity or disturbance arises.

The rain is pelting now, so Elroy should find his way to my shed, lit as it is.  It is clear he is unaware of nature, and finally almost reluctantly he does grasp the fact that the air has a different feel to it tonight.  Safe from the brief passage of rain, he wanders out in the pre-awakened storm again, to succor and sniff nose to the ground whatever it is he realizes is altered from yesterday.

It's ALL so new ...

His attitude is reflexive, a few more drops, he shags his way back to the shed, the lightening and occasional yet assuredly soon to be your master- thunder, doesn’t seem a thing he takes seriously.

So away from the brief gusts of 60 degree air following a 98 degree day my boy Elroy, nestles himself as a wirey sponge for all the rain to pour on as an assumption that it shall stop, the guy in the lit shed is his beacon for safety, and that all things good and evil are always screened by us.

I guess he understands the curve pretty well.

And he barely got wet.

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