And So… Comes Elroy

So a visit to CraigsList, renders a picture of a puppy that leads to a phone call, and then a visit, and then a new member to the posse.  His name was Tex- but he kinda seemed more like an “ELROY” for our family.  He belches, grunts and pants as he sleeps behind me while I write this.

His parents are a Great Pyrenese and Maremma Sheepdog.  And he definitely has a lot of eyebrow that’s gonna be a sun visor sooner than later.

Here is the down low on the half of his parentage we are unfamiliar with.

The Maremma Sheepdog, or the Maremmano-Abruzzese as scholars who have researched the origins of the breed refer to the dog, is a breed of livestock guardian dog that originated in central Italy and has been used for centuries by Italian shepherds to guard sheep from wolves. The breed’s English name derives from the Maremma section of Tuscany where British and American breeders first saw the dog and mistakenly believed the dog originated. The breed is widely employed in Abruzzo where sheep herding remains vital to the rural economy and the wolf remains an active and protected predator. The breed resembles the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, the Kuvasz of Hungary, and the Akbash Dog of Turkey.

Well that’s some pretty serious lineage stuff going on there.  Sounds like he is good with people, sheep, lambs (ergo- our kids) and is gonna make for a really bad day for any wolf that’s looking for some “chops 4 dinner”.

Liz (we call her Lizzerd) is the punk of the family, but she’s kind skeptical right now.  These two will end up being friends for life.  Liz is 13 months old- and Elroy is 10 weeks.

This is Mutti- otherwise known as  “The Great White Beast”.  She’s kinda stuck on herself- and is strutting her stuff for Elroy- the new guy.

Trying to fool Elroy into thinking she is really a cutesy and cuddly, playful pillow fight of a white dog, when in all reality she is the the Hound From Baskervilles.

Sniffin’ the “Royster”.

It’s what dogs do…

Eye-balling the Demon Dog 🙂

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