An Arresting Soul

I have a big white dog with carpet thick and thicker white ropey hair.

She is the next breath away so to speak, always that close, her name is Mutti (German for mother) and she is a formidable 85 pounds of need to be nurtured white dawg.

Canine Royalty

She  is just hitting 4.5 years old.

As beautiful as she is, she punks our other rat dog (Australian- some kinda floppy mix) on a daily or whatever basis. As well she maxed out on my husky-chow mix (Laz) who just died at 15. I don’t really get it, she is a Kuvasz, Hungarian breed, and they are known to be ferocious protectors of their families.

It’s not like she has ever been kicked around or beaten, she just seems to need to be the center of attention.

She is part of the heart and soul of our family- sits by me as I type.

I Think she needs a doggy shrink to help her work through whatever it is that makes her so rambunctious.

5 thoughts on “An Arresting Soul

  1. Well we had her spayed- and she is still pretty aggressive towards our other dog- but we are spending more time with her to make sure it isn’t a jealousy thing. She does seem pretty needy at times- and will probably always be dysfunctional. But she is OUR dysfunctional dog, and we will just have to adjust.

    Thanks for caring enough to write back, and for reading my blog 🙂


    • Is your other dog also a female? Females tend to be very alpha and it may be something that they have to work out with each other-as long as they understand that YOU are the ultimate alpha. I had 2 very other dog aggressive Malamutes. It was a life long problem and sometimes a real drag because we always had to be on guard when other dogs were around. I am serious about the obedience school. It was heaven sent with this problem. As they got older we introduced another male (smaller dog) into the clan but he is very submissive (only one fight -over a bone-occurred but it was a big vet bill). Our big fuzzy balls of love can often shock us with the speed at which they show us they are really not that far from wild animals when it comes to territory and food. We learned a lot at obedience school. I wrote about the boogey man trick on mudflats (don’t know if you saw my comment). It involves a soda can with pennies. You need someone to help you train them to this though. Good luck. Love your blog by the way.

  2. I left you a comment on Saturday’s open thread over at mudflats. The short version: See your vet and be sure that there is nothing that is causing her pain. Aggression can often be induced by pain-particularly if it is new. And secondly, obedience school is a MUST. There are so many tricks that you can learn there to deal with aggressive behavior. Be sure that it is an obedience school where they train by positive reinforcement as opposed to the choke chain/negative/punishment method. I assure you that you will never regret it.

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