A West Texas Summer

Wednesday:  July 6

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  • Maria brings her best friend Hannah to visit Dad in Texas.
  • Airplane to Dallas from Detroit, unaccompanied Minors !!!

  • Did I say UNACCOMPANIED ????
  • Maria’s in charge- cuz she’s flown the most.
  • Weird guy on plane, looks like a terrorist.  Spends waaay to much time in the bathroom…
  • Surprises dad at home- almost knocks him off his feet with a big hug
  • Hannah meets Elroy…

  • Played locale (Game) in the afternoon.  Dad wins 20- 18- 8 6 (DKMH- in that order)
  • Dinner at a Texas steak house- dad gets called in so we eat with Kashmir- and take a taxi home (Hannah’s 1st Taxi).
  • Hannah likes Maria’s bedroom and likes Lizzy a little more than Elroy.

  • Dad gets home at 11:30

Thursday:  July 7

  • Dad wakes the girls up at 9:00 !!!!! 😦
  • Coffee run and they are out of Strawberry shakes.  Maria bumms out.
  • Waiting for the Foster parents people to show up for Dad and Kashmir’s interview.  They are nervous and just want everything to go ok.
  • Dad blows it- mixes up the days completely !  The Foster parent people are coming in on Friday from Amarillo!
  • Girls take pics with dawgs

  • Mexican for lunch from Rosas.  Dad and Hannah crank out some Mexican tunes, and Maria desperately claws at the radio dial.
  • Go swimming at a place down the street called the “Swimming Hole“.  Texas is hot- 104 today.
  • Hang out at the house, make Chicken soup with Kashmir, and take lot’s of pictures!  First time making chicken soup ever!  Hannah and Maria “bone the chicken”.

  • 1st glass falls and breaks.  (Maria)
  • The girls watch JerseyShores for the first time.  Hannah likes Paulie, Maria Likes Snookie, Kashmir likes Paulie, and Dad likes Ronnie.

Friday:  July 8

  • Dad wakes the girls up at 9:00 !!!!! 😦
  • Again !!!!
  • Coffee run and they are out of Strawberry shakes.  maria bumms out.
  • The Foster parent people show up and Maria and Hannah watch Kashmir and Dad get interviewed for 2.5 hours!
  • Italian food at Stella’s.  Hannah really like the food and the place.  Maria actually likes the chicken Parmesan.  Dad does the Clam sauce linguini, and Kash does a turkey club.
  • Dad gets the girls some scrapbook materials so they can scrapbook their stay in Texas.
  • Signs them up for Scrapbook classes for Saturday.
  • Pepsi Run- no strawberry shakes STILL !!!
  • Different McDonalds- they have shakes- Maria gets one- Maria spills shake all over her pants.
  • Girls get Dawg Assignments:  They feed and water the mutts on alternating days…

  • Monopoly with Dad, he gets his butt kicked, and finally Maria beats Hannah.
  • Kashmir gets the girls started on making Tutus.

Saturday:  July 9

  • Dad wakes the girls up at 9:00 !!!!! 😦
  • Again !!!!
  • WITH A GONG !!!!!!!!!

  • Maria and Hannah off to Scrapbook class, Dad get’s called in.
  • Scrapbook class sucks.  Teacher is a scrapbook Nazi!
  • Dad gets an idea for planning a mysterious activity.  A secret surprise?
  • Girls try to hack Dad’s computer while he and Kasmir go out on a recon trip for supplies.
  • Kashmir and Dad argue about stupid stuff, but fix it real fast.
  • Hannah and Maria try to rip Dad’s fingers off the computer as they try to read the “history” to figure out Dad’s secret surprise.
  • Dad changes password to computer.
  • Hannah hacks it- and he ends up changing it again.
  • Hannah and Dad have consumed about 5 pound worth of grapes so far.  Maria has trashed the gummy bears.
  • Tacos for dinner.
  • More work on the Tutus.

Sunday:  July 10

  • Dad gets called in early.
  • The girls finally get to sleep in.
  • Tried to go to the Swimming Hole- but it’s closed for a private party.
  • Girls get rays in the back yard.

  • Dad Blogs.
  • Kashmir works on Tutus.
  • Maria does “Self Portraits

  • 2nd glass falls and breaks.  (Hannah)
  • Girls write letters and send pictures to two Army guys that the family “Adopted” (part of an adopt a soldier program to send our boys overseas some care packages).
  • Kashmir gets the girls started on making soaps for the Craft show next weekend.
  • Dad gets the girls to sign a group picture to send to the Army dudes.
  • Dad starts a chicken BBQ.

  • Dad finds out the chicken is raw.
  • Dad flips (yeah I did- jus’ a ‘lil bit).
  • We watch Ghost Ship– Dad is the villain, Maria s the long haired dude, Hannah is the ghostly little girl, and Kashmir is “Das Boat”.

Monday:  July 11

  • Dad works early.
  • The girls melt down
  • Nobody can make their minds up about swimming- so THAT gets cancelled
  • First Family Meeting
  • Hannah is more of a hermit crab under her blanket- than a real hermit crab.  So Dad put’s the hermit crab cage in front of her as a metaphor for the whole behavior thing.
  • Hannah doesn’t think that’s all that clever

  • Dad gets a “3” for his effort and especially heroic speech.
  • Maria and Dad go around town (:  (Gotta give Hannah a break from us sometime.  Can you imagine- a Dad JUST like Maria?  Except larger?)
  • Maria check’s out Dad’s operating room

  • They come back with food.
  • Meanwhile Dad tells Maria and sings like a Canary about the horseback riding trip
  • Hannah is chilled out
  • They play Monopoly
  • The entire state of Michigan calls to make sure Hannah is ok.
  • She tells them she is-
  • Dad flips again and quits cuz’ the girls are cheating again.
  • Hannah and Maria and Dad gather in the office- and chatter together like a small pack of conniving rats trying to figure out how NOT to tell Kashmir that the chicken has flown the coop- and everybody knows everything about everything to do with the horse and Canyon trip

  • A lot of finger pointing as we get busted by Kashmir in the office.
  • It’s a race to see who can throw the other UNDER the bus FIRST!
  • Dad almost breaks the 3rd Glass (a bottle next to the fridge)
  • Kashmir holds a trial (she is the Judge) and by the time it’s all said and done, Hannah and Maria get off scott free- and Dad takes the major hit and is GUILTY of everything:  Obstruction of justice, Misleading a judge, being a Dad, that sort of thing.
  • Tonight we watch the Goonies:  Maria is “Chunk”, Hannah is the “cute girl”, Dad starts out as the mean older brother- but switches to “mouth”, and Kashmir is “1-eyed-Willie”.

Tuesday:  July 12

  • Dad works early.  (5 hours of sleep)
  • Hannah and Maria go swimming
  • Kashmir works out and hooks up with the girls at the “Swimming Hole” and they stay an hour or so more.
  • Dad gets out of work and goes to an Army surplus store to buy canteens for the Canyon trip.
  • The girls make pizza
  • We watch an early movie Beastly.  Hannah is the “cute chick”, Maria is the “blonde witch”, Dad is the “evil dad”, and Kashmir makes more tutus.

  • Ice cream run.
  • Brief sand / thunderstorm- really windy, air smells like rain and dirt.  Sky is a sick yellowish pink gray.
  • Dad works on this Texas diary, and the girls are hanging out with Kash.

Wednesday:  July 13

  • Dad works @ 9 ish.
  • Girls stayed up until 5 am- woke up at 1:30 pm
  • Girls help Kashmir pack and label purses for a craft show on Saturday.
  • Watch movie “Catch Me if You Can” (Leonardo Dicaprio)
  • Backyard for rays…
  • Dad cooks up some steaks and Kashmir does some terrific sauteed carrots and twice baked potatos.
  • Dinner is served as we watch Big Brother.
  • And the Players are …
  • Dad is Dick

  • Kashmir is Jeff

  • Maria is Danielle

  • Hanna is Jordan

  • Girls plan on staying up late and later.
  • Dad crashes early- up by 5:30 tomorrow.
  • Kasmir is getting to her goal of 12 tutus, and an ungodly variety of soaps.
  • Dad figures out that the girls ran out of shampoo a few days ago- thought they were fully stocked 😦

Thursday:  July 14

  • Dad works @ 6:30.
  • Kashmir brings the great white beast home (Mutti)

  • Girls stay up late the night before- so it’s a 2:00 pm wake up
  • They are informed that even rock stars after a gig, hold more more reasonable hours.
  • Dad & Kash run a bunch of errands- Dad has a longer day tomorrow.
  • Dad snags Mara- and they go to Best Buy to get an early Birthday present.
  • Maria gets an I-Pad 2– Black with a nice shell, and 64 gig WiFi.
  • We all watch Big Brother.
  • Dad’s guy ends up leaving so Dad becomes Kieth

  • And that guy get’s booted- so now Dad’s playing the farm girl person.

  • Dad let’s the great white beast (Mutti) out in the living room to get comfortable with the girls.
  • Hannah is cool with it, Maria- not so much.
  • The girls have forgotten how much time they spent with Mutti back in the day.

  • And The Great White Beast loved her…

  • But now things are different- and Maria avoids TGWB…  sigh

Friday:  July 15

  • Dad works early- comes home late (after 7)
  • The girls get up at 10 (preconditioning for tomorrow when they have to get up at 6:45 am)
  • Girls off to swim
  • Kashmir cooks up some burgers, and gets organized for the craft show
  • Girls to bed early (but who knows how long they are up skyping)
  • The household gos down quietly on a Lubbock Friday night.

Saturday:  July 16

  • Up and away at 7:15 for Kashmir and the girls.
  • It’s Craft Show Time !
  • Dad sleeps in til 9:00 am
  • Some of the products:

  • And another…

  • The Craft Show Setup

  • A different Angle

  • Totally in charge…

  • Body Art (No they’re not real)

  • Sign Post 1

  • Sign Post 2

  • A Car Show…

  • Kashmir Craft Show updates:  3 tutus sold and 3 purses
  • Home at 6- Girls are really tired
  • Hot Pockets and fixen’s is on the menu (they hate Chinese)
  • Girls stay up late (they got their 2nd wind thing).

Sunday:  July 17

  • Girls are up late …  It’s past 1 pm and still hibernating
  • Dad blogs-
  • A day full of drama talks and honesty
  • Clearing out the Facebook confusion
  • The girls watch “Cyber Bully

Monday:  July 18

  • Dad is Off this week (well on super secret standby- only if the stars align just perfectly and the you know what- hits the fan.
  • Errands with Kashmir
  • Dad loves Kashmir
  • A lot !!!!!

The girls do an Underwater Photo shoot !

  • The theme music from Jaws is playing here ….

  • This is what a Mermaid looks like right before you drown…  Drop dead beautiful !

  • Yippee Ki Yay !!!!

  • I wish I could Skype This…

  • Why does she make me do this?

  • Wait “til we start Our World Tour !

  • Kashmir rustles up some Potato Soup with cheese and bacon bits for the posse.
  • Dad does the 1 hour photo thing and gets these pictures up on the blog.
  • The girls get serious about their Texas scrapbooks.

1-2-3-4…  I declare a Puzzle War !

  • 2 puzzles- 2 teams:  750 pieces each !
  • Hannah & Maria v. Kashmir and Dad (except Dad isn’t helping much yet)

  • Not sure what’s worse- Hannah and Maria together- or Kashmir without Dad…
  • The girls look scared and shaken…

Tuesday:  July 19

  • The countdown begins.  What seemed a long time a while ago- seems super fast now.   T-minus 6 days.  😦
  • Dad is off today- blogs a bit while the family sleeps in.
  • Kashmir off to the gym for a workout.
  • Girls up @ noon.
  • It took a cattle prod to herd them out of their room…

  • Maria is grumpy
  • HMU baby  (“hit me up” Internet slang for “Text Me”)
  • Kash takes the girls out to lunch, some clothes shopping, and maybe an eyebrow place…
  • Face to Face with the Wicked Witch of the West

Wednesday:  July 19

  • Today is LaserTag Wednesday (along with a bunch of other things).
  • The plan is to go to The Main AttractionA rockin’ Arcade place…


  • LaserTag Wednesday got moved to LaserTag Thursday so that today could be Sleep-in Wednesday and BBQ Cookoff day !
  • Girls plan on sleeping in and then off to the Swimming Hole.
  • Dad gets some rays and tunes …

The Rib Cook-off Begins…

  • Dad’s entry…

  • Kashmir’s Yet-to-be-cooked ribs…  Winner !

  • And the rest of the day was drama free. (Yay)

Puzzle War Update !

  • Hannah & Maria Win!

  • Kashmir was Valiant– but dad was a TOTAL slacker on this project-  some token help is all …  Kash never had a fighting chance…

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4 thoughts on “A West Texas Summer

  1. Ah, Teut… I’m so sorry. I know it won’t make you feel any better, but I’m sure they’re sad about leaving too. Maybe in a few short years they can look at U/T or …?

  2. I sure enjoyed reading about your adventures Teut. I bet your time with the girls just flew by- how wonderful that you made so many memories during your summer adventure!

  3. Great 2nd part. You guys are FANTABULOUS writters. I wish i could be in your family because you guys rock! I wish i was you! This is AWESOME! I LOVE YOU GUYS! ❤

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