A Day At The Office … Return To Sender

It takes a while to digest stuff-

Yeah- did a heart today, and then another- first was an aortic valve replacement- second was a guy missing the last half of his right foot, who had lost his wife a year ago and needed a new motor.

Sometimes people send post cards to their loved one’s on the other side. Those cards can be delivered promptly if the will to survive or succumb from an open heart procedure is in doubt.

We anticipate these pastcards as potential premonitions of death and dying, taking them very seriously- here in the land of open heart surgery.

In the pursuant conversation with this gentleman, it was casually clarified that the intention to undergo surgery wasn’t a latent urge for an immediate hookup with his lost other half- instead I think, he was a little more focused on a reunion with the remaining half of his foot.

That was clarified right up front by the operating surgeon.

We see a close relationship with death wishes and premonitions- they seem to co-mingle with really poor outcomes, so we try to address what is a strange and touchy subject.

He truly was a train wreck, but survived the operation intact- albeit a few unanticipated hurdles (anatomical issues).

5 thoughts on “A Day At The Office … Return To Sender

  1. trish in SW Florida:
    I like your peace sign! Much better than my snarling one! Even though I must say, I have been snarling at the northwesterly storms coming in off the Gulf. I am just “up the coast” from you. It has been cold for so much longer than usual.
    PS… I think our Blogmaster is ok, just busy.

  2. PS: After posting, I saw my “identifying square”…
    No, I do not show my teeth, except in smiles, and I do not harbor anger inside to match that ferocious image beside my post in any way!
    Chalk it up to DNA or old age, whatever…
    Love and Peace to you, Ing

  3. teutonic 13… we have not heard from you in a while… are you ok? Please… let us know… I believe I speak for others: We Care!!!
    Are you busy?
    Are you discouraged because few respond to your
    philosophical meanderings?
    Please do not be!
    In the final analysis, when we sort through our emotions by writing them down, it does not (though we may think it does) matter whether others respond, or how they do!
    What does matter is that we have processed those
    disturbances to our psyches… and while positive reactions of others can be gratifying, they ultimately do not matter.
    Please, trust an Ancient One! You shall do well!!!

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