The Pictures of Ingeborg Maria Hinderschiedt (The 50’s and More Recent))



Dad in Germany1957


Germany 1957Germany 1957

=Me in 1957Dad & Mutti & Me (1957)


Me and Dad 1957Dad & Mutti & Me (1957)


Nonnas gardenNonna’s garden


Dad looking Like Jimmy DeenDad looking like Jimmy Deen


MaxDad- not looking like Dad (with the hair)


Nonno and NonnaNonno & Nonna


CSS Frank Aprile- 06042014_0007Nonno & Nonna


Dad and MuttiMutti & Dad




NiagraLooks like Dad did the Niagra thing ….


Nonna and Uncle Mario and Aurnt SylviaNono and Nonna’s house- Uncle Mario and Aunt Sylvia


Nonno and Nonna YoungA YOUNG Nonno & Nonna


Wedding Dad and MuttiWedding


The Davies FamilyMy best friends in North Hampton 🙂

spaceGrandaughter Maria Looking Like Mutti @ the same age

Mutti looking like Maria

Maria 2

Maria and her Dad in Lake City, MI




spaceGrandfather and Grandmother and Tante EllenOpa, Oma, & Tante Ellen


Mutti at SeaMutti auf dem Zee


My Uncle Karl-HeinzOnkel KarlHeinz


OmaJunge Omah


Tante EllenSehr hupsche Tante Ellen

spaceUnknown Pictures


Unknown 1


Unknown 2


Unknown 3CSS Frank Aprile- 06042014_0000Back of pictures

spaceUnknown 2 FA Corps School USN

Yeah- It’s me- Frank


Family Portrait Great GrandfatherIs this my great grandfather who won the Iron Cross during the Prussian-Napoleonic Wars?


Karl Hinderschiedt YOUNGMy Grandfather


Karl Hinderschiedt

My grandfather looks like he’s up to something mischievous…


Mutti visiting Germany Oma Opah Unknown 2spaceWedding to Max

Wedding 1 Wedding 2 Wedding 3 Wedding 4 Wedding 5 Wedding 6 Wedding 7space721 Princess Drive1st House- 721 Princess Drive


721 Princess Drive aCSS Frank Aprile- 06062014_0000

Her beloved African Grey Parrot


CSS Frank Aprile- 06062014_0001Randy, Kimberly Wood & Family- To whom I am in great debt for their kindness to my mother 🙂 Thank you !



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