2 thoughts on “Items for Distribution

  1. Great historical stuff, Frank. Some of it may be worth quite a bit to a collector, however someday your daughter may be interested in having this collection. Perhaps, her children may be interested. I know I have some things from Germany from my family that when I first saw them meant little, but have grown on me. History becomes more significant as we age, I guess.

    Love the prom pictures. I was in your prom group, if you remember. Thank heavens you have not posted pictures with your friend Anton and me. Do you remember my going swimming in the school pool or later our horseback riding adventure? Some of our adventures I can not post here….Although I was a freshman at Purdue at the time (our association was through the volunteer system at the CC) I am a little younger than you. My HS did not have a prom. I had related this to you on one of our CC shifts. You were excited about going to yours. You invited me to have such an experience, as your friend Anton’s date. Being the gentleman you are, you had prior asked another gal. Poor Anton, he did not know what was up. I think because of your association with the other CC volunteers (all college students/grad students, TAs or professors) , you were much more mature than your HS classmates. As well, your home life and your mother contributed to you having a much broader outlook than the typical, W. Lafayette HS kid. Yup, John Travolta was in back then. You were still devilishly handsome.

    I had several conversations with Mutti. I have related some of them to you. She did call me out of the blue when I was at medical school. She had found my name on some list. I got my undergraduate degree in 3 years at Purdue. I had passed out of Latin, as my language requirement. She was not sure that was a good thing. Latin was a dead language. Why had I not taken German and learned to be a good conversationalist, read German literature…? I could never give her a good answer. She was really looking for you when she called, I think. She causally asked if I had been keeping up with you. As the other folks have mentioned, one did not have short conversations with your mutti. My room mates at the time kept walking past me on the phone(all corded at that time-no internet either) and asking “Are you really STILL talking to Frank’s mother?” She called one other time,some time later when I was a resident. How she kept tracking me down, I am not sure. I think I stayed in her mind because I occasionally sent post cards from different parts of the world to you addressed care of her, as I did not keep up with you either and expected she did.

    Your daughter does look somewhat like Mutti. I wonder, has she any of her mannerisms? Some are heritable, as you know. Your mother will live on in your daughter, so true. That is a wonderful sentiment to share.

    Hope you have found the closure you wanted in your postings here. My mother’s 90th birthday is in 12 days. She is sharp as a tack, still wears high heels, still very healthy(mild COPD- heavily smoked for years) She will fly to AZ to visit my aunt( her younger sister) for her birthday celebration.(My father 92 will not travel-he dislikes my aunt :)) We often compared our mothers way back then. They shared that emotional distance to us. It will be time to say good bye to my mother sometime. I do not envy you this task.

    All the best to you and for family

    • send me your contact info plz? ecclog@gmail.com.

      Yeah I remember all of it- including my date (Claudine) finally “getting it” when she saw me playing with your thigh across the table at Denny’s. We also bailed the prom and went to my friends (Susan & Kathy’s) house for a party. I was crazy as shit in love with you –

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