The Books of Ingeborg Maria Hinderschiedt

Volume 1Volume 1, 1975


Volume 2Volume 2



German Art Masterpeices 1959German Art Masterpieces 1959


Hitler 2000Published 2000



100 Germanfolk  songs 2 100 Germanfolk  songs 4 100 Germanfolk  songs3Published in 1886



Book 1


Der Grunte Heinrich 1914 a Der Grunte Heinrich 1914 b


Eine Engliche Frau 1922

spaceMartin Safander b

Martin Safander aspaceGoethe Vol-1-4b Goethe Vol-5-8spaceGoethe Vol-5-8spaceGottfried Keller 7 Gottfried Keller 9space



Art through Ages BirdspaceSpiderman 1968



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