For me, at this moment, night time is the right time…

The Writer

Four a.m. is a hell of a time to begin revisions to your life, but sometimes- anytime- is the right time. My better half is barely asleep, somehow caught up in the misery that awaits tomorrows work schedule… Nevertheless she fights the good fight, forcing herself to succumb to a brief moment of narcotic slumber that as we all know has it’s own special rudeness- once we awaken.

So the story goes…

The Story

No one misses a bus. It just doesn’t happen. mistiming is a possibility, though rare- the random combination of a barely missed breakfast can lead to a potentially fatal encounter once the bus has been missed… but typically- no one ever misses the bus.

I missed the bus.

Slogans and advertisements flashed by- as I realized that whatever laid ahead wasn’t going to be fate, rather, the simple fact that I had missed an appointment to heavens doorstep.


Eye to Eye with the Future

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  • The terse yet unyeildingly provacative beginning to a newer better written saga….

Yeah… OK It was something like that.

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